Food Tech Event 2024
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'Technology feeds the future of food industry'

Digital developments are rapid and bring efficiency. But what technological innovations do food companies need to confidently face the future? How do they know which solution fits their company best and can also ensure p..

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Topa Packaging: '5 Steps to Less'

08 April 2024

We are Topa, the specialist in packaging solutions. We offer an extensive range of packaging boxes and materials to suit various needs. Since 1922, we've been developing and testing innovative custom solutions for specia...

VIRO: comprehensive support to the Food Industry

08 April 2024

VIRO, an expert in engineering and project management, delivers customized solutions for the food industry. Focused on technological advancements, VIRO assists with modifications, innovations, and expansions. From master...

Siltec: Efficient solutions without Cable Ties

08 April 2024

Siltec Cable Trays stands as a prominent supplier of specialized cable trays designed to eliminate the need for cable ties. With their straightforward installation process and sleek finish, Siltec ensures an advanced and...

ConProSachet-system; Handtmann's Innovation

08 April 2024

Discover the latest innovations in food and feed production at Handtmann's booth: from modular to automated production solutions. Highlights include the FS 525 COEX and FS 501/503 forming machines for filled and artisana...

Aptean: Insight into what really happens in your factory

08 April 2024

With Aptean's food-specific solutions, you streamline and optimize your production environment, enabling immediate response to changing regulatory demands and consumer preferences. By integrating the right combination of...

Jansen Techniek: Elevating your production?

08 April 2024

At Jansen Techniek, we conceptualize, design, build, and maintain tailored solutions for your production needs. Our Robotic Operator (R-OP) will be showcased at the Food Tech Event, where it replaces a human operator, pr...

'Technology fuels the future of the food industry'

05 February 2024

Curious about what's happening in the food industry? And which technological innovations will shape the future? Four suppliers to the food processing and manufacturing industry share insights into the smart technical sol...

Column Saskia Stender: Trade fair for the food industry

16 October 2023

Remember the Industrial Meat & Food Fair, commonly known as IMEFA? We introduced this trade fair for machinery for the entire food industry about 20 years ago. It was our answer to a gap that emerged due to the downsizin...