VR Game: Put the meat in the slicer yourself

VR Game: Put the meat in the slicer yourself

  • 02 May 2017
  • Door: Nicole Cordewener

Trade fairs like Interpack attract tens of thousands of visitors. Hundreds of exhibitors vie for attention, trying to outdo one another with the best displays and the most eye-catching brochures. Everyone is keen to explain more about their products and services – so how can a company get itself noticed? Sleegers Technique BV has developed a unique virtual reality (VR) game.

Interactive experience

Using a combination of videos and several real machines, managing director Huub Sleegers will show Interpack visitors how he and his company can help them. The interactive game will also give them a sense of what it’s like to operate the machines, as they put a sausage through the slicer for instance. Visitors gain a whole new perspective on the equipment as they experience it for themselves.

Why a game?

Virtual reality is a hot topic that many companies are already experimenting with. Sleegers Technique BV is keen to explore the possibilities too. Huub Sleegers: “I like trying new things. Ten years ago I was the first to include videos on my website and now it has become the norm. It’s true that virtual reality is hot, but I don’t see how letting people look through a VR headset with their hands in their pockets would add any value for my company. So I’ve taken things a step further and we’ve developed a virtual reality game – in other words, an interactive experience. I hope the visitors to the show will be pleasantly surprised by this and will appreciate the playful approach.”

What are the expectations?

Sleegers knows from experience that conversations at a trade fair tend to be brief. “This game makes it easy for us to initiate contact with potential customers. It’s a great icebreaker, plus it helps us to stand out even more. Visitors see so many different things during a day at a trade fair. Our game will hopefully ensure that our name and products stick in people’s minds.”

What is virtual reality?
Virtual reality (VR) is a computer-simulated environment. By viewing the environment through a special headset, people have the sense of being in a different ‘reality’. This technique is increasingly being used by professionals such as project developers, who can take potential buyers on a VR tour of buildings that have not yet been constructed.

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