new generation of Multivac labellers
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new generation of Multivac labellers

  • 15 April 2014
  • Door: Judith Witte

At Interpack, from 8-14 May 2014 in Düsseldorf, Germany, Multivac will be presenting a completely new conveyor belt labelling machine. This machine forms the basis for a whole new generation of labellers, namely the Baseline series. Europe’s largest packaging trade fair is the ideal platform for demonstrating this innovation to the international market.

Labellers have to fulfil many different criteria: they must be quick, accurate and easy to operate, and preferably also compact and suitable for integration into various packaging lines. “Our customers are looking for high-quality yet affordable machines,” says Marcel van den Berge, marketing manager. “Previously, we tended to be in the higher price segment. By reducing our production costs, we are continuing to deliver top-quality products but now at a mid-range price.” Gerard Brockhoff, account manager for labelling systems, adds: “The current line of labelling machines has been around for some time, yet in that time – apart from the control cabinets – there have not been many changes to the old model, mechanically speaking. It was high time for an update.”

What has been updated?

Gerard: “The new generation has drive electronics with servo technology – a gearless mechanism – for dispensing the labels. This enables much higher speeds to be achieved, and greater accuracy too. Furthermore, the new labeller can handle larger labels: up to 300mm in width. It is easy to adjust the label height, which minimises downtime. Moreover, the integrated control and drive electronics make the new-generation machine very compact. It is also flexible, because the controls can be connected to various systems enabling the modular set-up of various printing systems (thermal transfer, inkjet and hot stamp). We have purposefully designed the equipment to be robust. And it’s easy to change the labels or the label rolls with one hand.”

Which target group is this for?

“Thanks to the modular construction, this machine can be used in any sector and any production environment,” says Marcel. “I’m thinking in particular of the fresh produce industry – larger vegetable processing and packaging companies, tomato packers, leek packers – but also industrial bakeries, meat processors and the dairy industry.”

Source: Multivac