“I recruit specialists with a passion"

“I recruit specialists with a passion"

  • 02 May 2017
  • Door: Nicole Cordewener

It is difficult to find the right employees, especially in engineering, and yet Sleegers Technique BV repeatedly manages to recruit the right people for the right roles. The secret? Being at the front of the chain, and talent scouting. Managing director Huub Sleegers explains.

Talent scouting

Sleegers has a background in education and enjoys helping young people to learn. “Interns have plenty of opportunity to get a taste of various disciplines here. I can soon spot whether they are suited to a particular specialism.” Sleegers sources interns from local colleges. “That gives me the advantage of being at the front of the chain, just like with the machines we build. If we both see possibilities, the youngsters can join the company straight after their internship.”

High standards

Sleegers does not like ‘middle of the road’ or ‘average’. “I only want specialists with a passion for what they do – someone who is absolutely mad about programming or welding, for example. You really need to excel in your work and deliver top-quality results. And you have to be a good fit with the rest of the team; I want a mix of seasoned professionals and talented young people. Ultimately everyone has to be pulling in the same direction, otherwise we’ll get nowhere.”

Low employee turnover

Once they’ve joined Sleegers, most people don’t want to work anywhere else. The company has a friendly atmosphere. “I also want to be a good employer,” states Sleegers. “We have light and spacious work areas and a large canteen. We celebrate the start of the weekend together every Friday afternoon and employees can play a game of darts for a spot of relaxation. Even though we’re committed to delivering a top-class performance together, all work and no play isn’t good for anyone.”

A satisfied intern
Levi Hendrickx first arrived at Sleegers Technique BV around three years ago as an intern. “I was studying for a vocational qualification in mechatronics at the time. During my final assignment I was allowed to get a taste of various areas of expertise, from electronic control to service. I received lots of guidance from the rest of the team and there’s an informal atmosphere which really made me feel at home. After my internship I carried on working for a couple of months during the holidays, and then Huub asked if I wanted to stay – but I also wanted to continue studying. I’m now studying for a degree in electrical engineering in combination with a job at Sleegers Technique BV. It’s ideal because I can immediately put what I learn in theory into practice!”


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