Three projects to be proud of

Three projects to be proud of

  • 02 May 2017
  • Door: Nicole Cordewener

Sleegers Techique BV revolves around the combination of high-tech solutions with the utmost attention to professionalism. Over the years, that has resulted in countless machines and production lines that are perfectly aligned with customer requirements. The company is particularly proud of the three projects presented here.

1. Marinated chops: the first machine Huub Sleegers built

Marinated chops are a big favourite in the barbecue season. They are available from supermarkets in packs of four or six, presented in a transparent tray. The machine has to slice and marinate the meat chops before they can be stacked – either one on top of the other or offset. The next stage is denesting, i.e. the meat is placed on a tray and then wrapped. This will always be a special project for Huub Sleegers because it is the very first machine (the VI-01) that he built all on his own, at the request of a supermarket chain.

2. Carpaccio line: the first machine under his own brand

When Huub Sleegers launched his own brand, the carpaccio line was the first machine designed under it. It was no easy project, because not only is carpaccio presented interleaved with film, but the tender meat is also attractively arranged in an overlapping circle rather than stacked. Sleegers Technique BV developed a unique production line to achieve this. Anybody buying carpaccio from a supermarket today can bet their bottom dollar that the meat was sliced and wrapped by a machine built in the Dutch town of Nieuwkuijk. 

3. Hamburger line: a major project for a North American customer

Lidl is keen to gain a foothold in North America. To help the retailer do so, Sleegers Technique BV designed a hamburger line stretching an impressive 40 metres. Everything was built at the client’s request. From forming the patties to underleaving, stacking and wrapping, this hamburger line takes care of the entire process. And because they’re mad about hamburgers in the USA, a total of four lines have been installed alongside one another. The next step is to boost the production speed. In the future, it may be possible to produce 400 hamburgers per minute.

Source: © Sleegers Technique