Fingerfoodballs van Scelta Mushrooms
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Fingerfoodballs van Scelta Mushrooms

  • 15 April 2014

During the 20th edition of southern Europe’s largest biannual trade fair for food and drinks, namely Alimentaria in Spain, the ‘Fingerfoodballs’ from the company Scelta Mushrooms received the award for ‘Best International Product’. Jan Klerken, owner of Scelta Mushrooms, and Jules Klerken, product manager for Fingerfoodballs, took receipt of the accolade during the Innoval Awards ceremony in Barcelona. Scelta Mushrooms devised the product as a healthy alternative within the current snack category. The Fingerfoodballs are a range of snacks based on clearly recognisable vegetables. They are produced without any artificial colourings or flavourings and are 100% meat-free.

Source: Scelta Mushrooms