Wilko Fruit opent buitendeuren
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Wilko Fruit opent buitendeuren

  • 15 April 2014

Thanks to an AFIM® Air Door (high-pressure air curtain), Wilko Fruit BV / Gaudias can now keep its exterior doors (which are no less than 4 metres high) open in the warm summer months too, without affecting the refrigerated climate indoors. The air door has added to the sense of openness at the fresh produce wholesale company, and that is expected to have a positive impact on turnover. Company employees are also very enthusiastic about the ‘invisible door’: “We no longer have to get off the forklift truck if we want to go outside. Moreover, even the products close to the doorways stay cool without any problems.” The air door contributes to considerable energy savings. At the request of Wilko Fruit, Air In Motion calculated the savings and demonstrated that return on investment would be achieved within 1 to 2 years.


Source: AFIM