Duurzaamheid nieuw bedrijfspand
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Duurzaamheid nieuw bedrijfspand

  • 13 May 2014

Brilliant Group, a specialised wholesaler and service provider in safety and hygiene for the food industry, has started construction work (2014) on a new facility in Duiven (NL). The company supplies products, consultancy and practical advice, and also provides training to customers. Due to rapid growth in recent years, the company’s existing premises, also in Duiven, proved too small. As a result, it became necessary to store the extensive product range at several different locations, which was not ideal from a logistics perspective. The new facility will offer double the existing amount of office space and the current 500 pallet locations will be increased to more than 1,500 in the new warehouse. The facility will be completely sustainable, including floor, wall and roof insulation, thermal energy storage and a large number of roof-mounted solar panels. From the new premises, Brilliant Group intends to further specialise in the food industry as well as to actively explore other sectors.


Source: Brilliant Group