Band labels as information carriers of the future
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Band labels as information carriers of the future

  • 14 April 2015

The new labelling law came into force in mid-December 2014, forcing many food processing companies to seek alternative ways to provide all the required information on their packaging. One option is the band label because it provides a printable surface right around the product. Furthermore, because banding machines enable precise positioning of the label with respect to the product, branding information can be placed in exactly the right spot. This makes band labels appealing for retailers as well as marketing and brand managers who are involved in category management.

At the recent Anuga Foodtec event, international students were invited to think about ‘the packaging of the future’ in the Anuga Future lab. One of the work groups was inspired by the simplicity and strength of banding using extra-wide bands (up to 125mm in width) as demonstrated on the Bandall stand. The students saw that innovation as having potential uses in large shopping malls, where consumers could wrap products themselves in a paper type of their choice. Intelligent young people have a bright future – and so too does banding.

Source: Bandall