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Objective OSV 

The objective of the Entrepreneurship Society Food Industry (OSV) is to contribute to the establishment and maintenance of important contacts within the food industry (networks). 

The OSV stimulates networking between food managers by organising a minimum of eight OSV meetings per year: meetings with lectures, company visits and the traditional OSV Summer and Winter Barbecues. In addition, we organise a golf event every spring. 

Who are the OSV members? 
Participants in the OSV are managers and entrepreneurs working in the food industry. They represent their company and receive a personal invitation for all OSV activities. It is of course possible to register several people from one company with the OSV. They are therefore on the membership list and receive the invitations personally. 

The membership list is divided into the following categories: 

  1. Meat, fish and poultry 
  2. Meat products / Vegetables / Salads / Meal components / Snacks 
  3. Equipment / Cooling / Architectural Activities 
  4. Raw materials / Herbs / Guts / Flavours 
  5. Packaging 
  6. Services 
  7. Retail 

Activities and meetings 
For each meeting an invitation will be sent 3 times by e-mail. If unable to attend, OSV members can send a replacement(s). Anyone can also bring a guest, unless it is explicitly stated that it is an activity with a limited number of places.
You can read an announcement but also a report of each meeting on the regular OSV pages in Vakblad Voedingsindustrie. 


Twice a year the Ondernemers Sociëteit Voedingsindustrie (OSV) organises a barbecue: at the end of January the Winter barbecue and at the beginning of June the Summer barbecue.
The barbecues take place in Sociëteit Buitenzorg in Ede. The chef and the manager know better than anyone how to serve our members and their guests exceptionally tough and tasty dishes. Thanks in part to the relaxed character and the surprising dishes, the barbecues can always count themselves among the best attended meetings of the OSV. More than 200 members and their guests come here. 

Company visit 

The Ondernemers Sociëteit Voedingsindustrie (OSV) is committed to organising company visits to fellow companies or other interesting companies. Under the motto 'take a look behind the scenes', OSV offers the host company and participants the opportunity to network optimally and learn from each other. 


In addition to company visits, the OSV organises workshops and, if desired, a mini-congress every year. The business-to-business themes of these events are always focused on business practice. After an introduction by experts in a specific field, the members can participate in a group discussion with the aim: exchange information, test opinions and solve problems. After this, everyone can network with each other while enjoying a drink and a hot meal.