#zokanhetook reaches 9 million Dutch people
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#zokanhetook reaches 9 million Dutch people

  • 22 September 2020

In its first year, consumer platform #zokanhetook inspired more than half of all Dutch people to make more vegetable choices. The platform offers consumers a perspective on how to act, including product and recipe inspiration and tastings. Social media and the use of influencers are also part of the initiative.

Zo kan het ook

zokanhetook.nu shows how it can be done: for every animal ingredient you can just as easily choose vegetable variations. One year after its launch, the online platform has 290 recipes and more than 300 vegetable supermarket products. PJ Beers, chairman of initiator Green Protein Alliance: '#zokanhetook wants to make it easier for all Dutch people to live a healthier and more sustainable life. I am proud that more than 30 companies and organizations work together for this social goal'.

Sustainable and healthy

Eating patterns with more vegetable products are relatively the most profitable way to reduce the footprint of food consumption in the Netherlands. The average Dutchman currently consumes 10 to 20% more animal protein than the recommended amount. A more plant-based diet can therefore provide the average Dutchman with benefits in terms of sustainability and health.

Changing consumption routines

The Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency recently emphasized that a more sustainable and healthier diet is difficult to achieve in practice due to ingrained behavioral routines and eating patterns. #zokanhetook puts this into practice by offering vegetable variations for well-known animal ingredients such as meat, meat products, fish, milk, cheese or yogurt. The platform also shows images of packaging and gives an overview of selling supermarkets.

Setting a good example

The campaign was designed and executed in collaboration with food consultancy and communication agency Green Food Lab. There were 157 publications on #zokanhetook in various media, from the Linda to Telegraaf Vrouw, from Consumentengids to Allerhande. Director Sanne Vogel portrayed Dutch people in short films in which they show what a plant(er) food pattern means to them. This reached 1.7 million Dutch people via YouTube alone.

Strong growth

Retail sales of vegetable varieties of dairy and meat increased by 19.9% and 37.6% respectively (volume) last year. Sales of legumes (10.8%), nuts, seeds and kernels (8.1%) and mushrooms (8.3%) are also on the rise. Cecile Spoorenberg, Senior Strategic Insights Analyst at IRI, provider of market information and market insights: 'Covid-19 has a major impact on our purchasing behavior. The growing supply of and attention to plant products also makes the plant choice increasingly easier and more thoughtful'.


Source: Green Protein Alliance