Young people eat less meat when they live on their own
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Young people eat less meat when they live on their own

  • 07 June 2022

Certain life events may cause young adults (18-35 years) to eat less meat. Especially leaving the parental home to live on their own or with roommates can influence their meat consumption, according to them. This is due to a change in social environment and more independence. This is evident from RIVM research among over 1800 young adults. 

The RIVM also asked about reasons that make it more difficult to eat less meat. Young adults say that especially taste, high prices of alternatives to meat and habits play a role. Reasons for reducing meat consumption are concerns about the environment and animal welfare, enjoying smaller portions of meat and saving money.

Results can help to change behaviour

The results can help in making strategies to reduce meat consumption by young adults. The RIVM concludes that a combined approach is probably most effective. This includes measures such as reducing the portion size of meat products, a lower price and a better offer of alternatives to meat.

Source: RIVM