Food industry vital sector
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Food industry vital sector

  • 17 March 2020

Food production in the Netherlands remains at an unabated high level. A recent tour of the members of the FNLI shows that production in the factories is at normal levels and that manufacturers are doing everything in their power to maintain continuity of production and delivery. Partly because the government has identified the food chain as crucial, employees in the factories can continue to work to keep the sector running. 

There is therefore no reason to assume that delivery problems will arise in the Netherlands in the foreseeable future. The empty shelves that have been seen in supermarkets in recent days have now been filled or - as far as the supply of products is concerned - can be filled without any problems. The FNLI emphasises that it is also important for the industry that consumer purchasing behaviour shows as normal a pattern as possible. 

During a special press conference on further COVID-19 measures, the Cabinet announced on 15 March that employees in the food chain are among the crucial professions. These jobs must be continuously manned in the circumstances of COVID-19. The FNLI considers it very important that the production and distribution of our food can continue undisturbed and has therefore argued in favour of granting this special status.

Source: © FNLI