Onbreekbare, CIP-bestendige inline pH-sensor
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Unbreakable, CIP-resistant inline pH sensor

  • 01 November 2023

The new Mettler Toledo InPro X1 is the very first unbreakable, "food-safe", and CIP-resistant pH sensor for inline measurements.

The X-chip, the core of the sensor, is virtually unbreakable and is made of high-tech composite material. Furthermore, the InPro X1 can withstand numerous CIP cycles. This happens to be a major drawback of ISFET sensors, among others. The new sensor remains stable, even after being cleaned dozens of times, thanks to its revolutionary design.

The acidity level (pH) of food or ingredients is an important quality parameter, especially in the dairy industry. The end of fermentation in yogurt production, for instance, is a pivotal moment. It's crucial not just for the quality of the yogurt itself, but also for the efficiency of the process. With an inline pH measurement, you can precisely determine the endpoint of fermentation and move more quickly to the next process step. pH measurements are also used for raw material checks, process monitoring, and quality control.

In short, a safe inline pH measurement yields a higher return due to time savings and improved end-product quality. Inline measurements are more cost-effective and faster than sampling and lab testing.

The InPro X1 is the sensor that the food industry has been asking for, for years. It's unbreakable, CIP-resistant, reliable, low-maintenance, hygienic, and comes with the appropriate certifications.

All this makes this revolutionary pH electrode the ideal and immediately deployable alternative to ISFET sensors. It's also the perfect time to move away from manual checks and sampling.

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Source: Elscolab