Ultrasonic sealing
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Ultrasonic sealing

  • 12 May 2015

Kaas-Pack processes various types of cheese into grated cheese, cheese slices or cubes. In 2014 the company invested in a GEA SmartPacker vertical packaging machine. They were seeking – and found – a machine which seals packaging films using high-frequency vibrations rather than heat. This technology offers significant advantages because of the maximum reliability (integrity) of the seal. Erik Koekoek from production and purchasing at Kaas-Pack: “Moreover, the ultrasonic seal is much narrower than conventional heat seals, which saves on film material. The packaging looks more attractive too. Operators got to grips with the ultrasonic packaging machine in no time. The parameters are clear and the machine is very user-friendly.” Kaas-Pack Holland is currently working with GEA Weert to explore the possibility of extending the machine for use for resealable packaging, likewise in combination with ultrasonic sealing.


Source: GEA