Innovative weighing machine for the food industry
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Innovative weighing machine for the food industry

  • 12 May 2015

Over the years, ACB Solutions has developed and launched various innovative products for a number of different sectors. Its most recent product development is a weighing machine for the food sector: the PM 2015. For a major mushroom packer, ACB has developed a high-speed weighing line for harvested mushrooms packed in the familiar blue tubs. The machine sorts the tubs into three weight categories. Those classed as ‘good’ are immediately transferred to the packaging machine. In the case of an incorrect weight the product is transported to a separate line where an operator adjusts it to the correct weight so that the tub can proceed to the packaging machine. “Our designers supply the best bespoke solutions, but it sometimes becomes apparent that a bespoke solution has broader applications,” says Commercial Director Vermeulen. This machine is also suitable for use with soft fruit, and we’re even talking to a major player involved in bacon.”

Source: ACB Solutions