Two-year contract deal for Dutch meat sector
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Two-year contract deal for Dutch meat sector

  • 30 May 2022

The Central Organisation for the Meat Sector (COV) has reached an agreement with the trade unions for a two-year collective labour agreement for the approximately 10,000 employees in the Dutch meat sector. Wages will rise by almost 7 per cent during this period. The youth scales will also be raised substantially. International employees will receive a housing and income guarantee. Flex workers who have been working in a company for more than five years will be allowed to join the company.

Sustainable employment in the meat sector

In addition to agreements on income, the new agreement also contains fine agreements to improve the position of flex workers and international employees in the meat sector:

  • International employees who come to the Netherlands for the first time are entitled to at least the minimum (youth) wage during the first two months, regardless of the length of the contract and the number of hours worked. 
  • After the end of the employment contract, international employees will be allowed to stay in the accommodation offered for a period of 4 weeks.
  • Flexworkers who have worked at a meat company for more than five years and have lived permanently in the Netherlands in their own accommodation may be employed directly by that company. 
  • Companies in the meat sector will ensure that the temporary employment agencies and specialised hiring companies they work with only use certified housing in accordance with the standards of Stichting Normering Flexwonen.

These agreements are part of the COV's policy to make work in the meat sector more sustainable. 

COV Chairman Laurens Hoedemaker: "This is a balanced agreement for both employers and employees in the meat sector. It is a special and dynamic period for the meat sector. Companies have an interest in a responsible development of costs, but also face the challenge of finding and keeping enough employees. I think we have found a good balance with this CBA. The new CBA also includes agreements to improve the position of international employees in the meat sector. This is important in view of the role they play in our labour supply".

Source: COV