TNO ontwikkelt systeemintegratie voor robots in kassen
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System integration for robots in greenhouses

  • 01 August 2023

TNO is working with partners to develop a semantic explanation and navigation system (SENS) that improves communication and information exchange between robots and operators in greenhouses. With the growth of greenhouses and stricter production requirements, the number of repetitive tasks is increasing, thus increasing the use of (semi-)autonomous robots in greenhouses. Effective communication between humans and robots is crucial for safety and efficiency.

A unified language, the Common Greenhouse Ontology (CGO), is being developed to serve as the communication standard for SENS to promote the effectiveness of communication between different robots. SENS is brand-independent, and CGO enables one-time conversion of a new robot's language, allowing it to communicate with SENS and other robots for which a CGO conversion is available.

In addition, greenhouse robots are equipped with sensors and cameras for navigation and task execution. Advanced object detection and thinking capabilities allow robots to identify an object, determine its status and reason whether human intervention is needed or the situation can be resolved independently.

These advances are leading to the development of shared data systems between different robotic systems, bringing closer the management of a fleet of robots of different brands and tasks. This offers hive operators more freedom to work with their preferred systems and also encourages innovation in this sector.

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Source: TNO