Eiwitboeren and HAK form partnership
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Eiwitboeren and HAK form partnership

  • 15 April 2024

Aiming for a sustainable future for Dutch plant-based proteins, the producer organization Eiwitboeren van Nederland (Protein Farmers of the Netherlands) and HAK, known for their vegetables and legumes, have aligned in a shared vision. This collaboration follows previous discussions about price reductions that growers had to implement for various types of beans. Both parties are committed to strengthening the plant-based protein sector in the Netherlands.

Collaboration for sustainability in a shorter supply chain

Plant-based proteins are essential for making agriculture more sustainable. They enhance biodiversity, reduce carbon emissions, and help decrease nitrogen use. For these reasons, HAK advocates for fair pricing for Dutch legume farmers. HAK emphasizes the importance of legume farming for a sustainable future. However, the organization does not make direct pricing agreements with farmers; these are handled through cooperatives. Recently, there were unexpected price adjustments which HAK did not recognize. A productive discussion between Eiwitboeren and HAK has led to plans for a more intensive collaboration.

Sustainability efforts by farmers for farmers

According to Eiwitboeren, European subsidies from the Eco-scheme of the Common Agricultural Policy should support farmers who engage in sustainable farming. However, there is evidence that these subsidies do not always reach the farmers. This raises concerns about the future pricing of legumes, which is also linked to the global grain price. Eiwitboeren continues to call for more cooperation in the supply chain for a robust future of plant-based proteins in the Netherlands.


Source: Eiwitboeren