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Sales of healthier products at Albert Heijn exceed 55%

  • 17 January 2024

Over the past year, Albert Heijn has made significant strides in promoting a healthier lifestyle, resulting in over 55% of sales coming from healthier products. This success can be attributed to strategic initiatives, including promoting the affordability of vegetables and fruits, expanding the range of whole-grain products, and implementing price reductions.

The focus on healthier choices has proven fruitful, with the market share of healthy sales at Albert Heijn now standing at a remarkable 55.7%. Furthermore, the supermarket chain has seen its market share in the Netherlands rise to 37.1%, compared to 36.7% in 2022, primarily due to an increase in the customer base and the opening of new locations.

CEO Marit van Egmond on the Success

Albert Heijn's CEO, Marit van Egmond, is pleased with the achieved success: "We've been committed to promoting a healthier lifestyle, and the results speak for themselves. The sale of own-brand products with Nutri-Score A or B is significant at 55.7%." Van Egmond emphasizes efforts such as the revamped bread assortment with more fiber and less salt, new fresh vegetable juices and spreads, and the free My Lifestyle Coach app supporting customers in vitality.

Sustainable Growth and Forward-Looking Steps

In addition to promoting a healthy lifestyle, Albert Heijn takes responsibility for sustainable growth. The introduction of the plant-based own-brand line AH Terra exemplifies this dedication, aiming to reduce the consumption of animal proteins. Furthermore, Albert Heijn aims for entirely emission-free transport, setting ambitious goals to drastically reduce CO2 emissions and ultimately achieve a emission-free chain by 2050. Additionally, the Better for Nature & Farmer program opens new possibilities for sustainable collaborations with external parties.

Source: Albert Heijn