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Meat and Meat Substitutes Equally Satiating

  • 17 January 2024

A few years ago, consumer research revealed that people quickly felt hungry again after consuming plant-based meat substitutes. This raised questions about their satiating effects compared to traditional meat. Liesbeth Zandstra, an extraordinary professor in Food Reward and Behaviour, unveils new research demonstrating that modern meat substitutes are just as satiating as their meat counterparts.

Zandstra conducted a realistic study, crafting both meat and meat substitute versions of curry with chicken and vegetables, as well as pasta bolognese with minced meat and red sauce. Each gram of meat was directly replaced with a meat substitute, without considering the macronutrient composition, simulating the approach of an average consumer.

No Discrepancy

Participants consumed the meals at home for lunch and answered questions before and after eating. The research revealed no difference in feelings of hunger and satiation between meals containing meat and those with meat substitutes.

No Barrier to Consumption

According to Zandstra, meat substitutes have significantly improved in taste, texture, and nutritional composition in recent years. They now contain more proteins and fibers, which play a substantial role in the feeling of satiation. This outcome suggests that satiation is no longer a barrier to the consumption of meat substitutes today.

Recent research from the same group further dispels assumptions about boredom among meat eaters and emphasizes the positive image of meat substitutes. Thus, barriers around the consumption of meat substitutes continue to be dismantled.


Source: Resource online