Robertpack: Innovative COBOT palletizing solution
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Robertpack: Innovative COBOT palletizing solution

  • 04 March 2024

Robertpack introduces its innovative industrial COBOT palletizing solution, which safely and fully automatically stacks products without the need for fencing. Equipped with a YASKAWA HC COBOT capable of handling up to 30 kg, this solution offers standard pallet stacking up to 2.2+ meters with options for greater heights and is designed to last a minimum of 10-20+ years without loss of technical availability and OEE. Robertpack also showcases the FANUC M-410, a 5-axis palletizing robot with a payload capacity of 140 kg. This robot is fast, versatile, and offers excellent repeatability, suitable for a variety of palletizing applications. 

Furthermore, Robertpack provides information about their P@ckServ software, which monitors machine performance and proactively detects malfunctions, thereby increasing OEE. 

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Source: Vakblad Voedingsindustrie 2024