QiSOFT: new Technical Analysis module
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QiSOFT: new Technical Analysis module

  • 12 April 2016

QiSOFT has updated the Technical Analysis module, adding new functions and a modern user interface.

The Technical Analysis (TA) module makes it easy for QIS users to conduct statistical analysis based on the data gathered in QIS. That data does not have to be recent; information covering several years can also be used quickly and effectively. The TA module makes it possible to conduct analysis both incidentally and for structural reporting, which is why it fits in perfectly with your day-to-day application of the PDCA cycle.

The data is selected in three steps: Search, Select and Report. Data search is managed in a straightforward selection screen with pre-set preference fields. Users then select what they want to analyse from the available data, resulting in the relevant reports which are also supported by graphs and charts if required.

The TA module has the option to export data to Excel and/or CSV file types, among others, as standard. This ensures that the QIS data is also available for further offline analysis.

The TA module is not the only part of QIS that has been updated, as many other functions have been added to and extended in QIS in Release 2016-R1.

More information: www.qisoft.nl

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