Pulsemaster: Innovation in Food Production with PEF
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Pulsemaster: Innovation in Food Production with PEF

  • 03 March 2024

The Pulsemaster Compact PEF system is a robust, all-in-one system with a small footprint, designed for small to medium-sized production lines processing up to 10 tons per hour. As the #1 supplier of Pulsed Electric Field systems for improved fries and potato chips, the innovative Dutch-German company Pulsemaster continues to specialize in Pulsed Electric Field processing. Pulsemaster offers PEF systems with capacities up to 100 tons per hour. Pulsemaster PEF systems can achieve significant improvements in the production process of fries and chips. Pulsemaster aims to apply this innovative technology, also known as electroporation, across a wide range of applications in the food industry. PEF technology meets the industry's need for natural and clean processes.

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