Goudsmit's Innovative Compact Pipe Magnet
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Goudsmit: Introduction of a compact pipe magnet

  • 03 March 2024

Goudsmit has developed a new pipe magnet that requires half the installation height of its predecessor and is twice as strong. Made entirely of stainless steel, this magnetic separator contains a core of neodymium (NdFeB) magnets, creating a flux density of 12,000 gauss. The conically shaped magnet core includes more pole plates, enabling it to capture particles as small as 30 µm at more contact points. This results in a higher separation rate and the ability to catch not only coarse but also smaller metal particles. Steel parts present in the product flow, such as bolts, nuts, washers, screws, small metal balls, and clips, can be effortlessly separated from grains, corn, flour, wheat flour, and other incoming goods streams. The new magnetic system is suitable not only for installation in free-fall lines but also for pressure lines. The stainless steel pipe magnet can be used in the food industry and other sectors.

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