ProVeg: Dutch Voter ready for protein transition
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ProVeg: Dutch Voter ready for protein transition

  • 18 September 2023

Recent research conducted by Kieskompas, commissioned by ProVeg, reveals that a significant portion of Dutch voters strongly favor reducing livestock numbers and promoting plant-based alternatives. This shift towards more plant-based consumption garners widespread support, not only from voters of green parties but also from mainstream parties like VVD and CDA.

The study unveiled some striking insights:

  • 70% of respondents expressed concerns about the current treatment of animals in the food industry.
  • A compelling 66% believe that the Netherlands should adjust its consumption patterns towards fewer animal products and more plant-based items.
  • In addition, 66% support the reduction of livestock, and 62% advocate for a ban on intensive animal farming.
  • Even voters from traditionally less-green parties, such as VVD and CDA, show backing for these changes.

While the government is aiming for a 50/50 split between animal-based and plant-based consumption by 2030, the research indicates that 57% of voters desire the majority of proteins in their diet to come from plant sources.

However, the pathway to this transition is still a matter of debate. There's lesser support for certain fiscal measures, but a clear majority (55%) wants to put an end to livestock subsidies. Furthermore, there's a strong call (64%) for increased subsidies for plant-based innovations. Many respondents (57%) also believe the government should play a role in education and campaigns.

Read the full report ‘Policy Proposals for the Protein Transition’

Source: ProVeg