Over a third of Dutch adults want to eat healthier
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Over a third of Dutch adults want to eat healthier

  • 14 September 2023

A recent survey conducted by the CBS reveals that 36% of adult Dutch citizens have the ambition to eat healthier. Despite this intention, many find it challenging to resist the allure of unhealthy food, especially in the company of others or during moments of stress.

The study, published in ‘Netherlands in Figures’, indicates that of this group, 46% occasionally succumb to the temptations presented by peers to indulge in unhealthy treats. Furthermore, 39% struggle to refrain from unhealthy snacking, while 17% point out that they lack the financial means for healthier food choices.

Interestingly, 58% of adults report no need to shift to a healthier diet, believing their current nutritional habits are already sound. A minority (5%) remains indifferent to their dietary intake, while a mere 1% dismisses the significance of healthy nutrition altogether.

The motives behind the desire for healthier food choices are evident: reducing health risks stands out as a priority for many, as highlighted by over half of the respondents. Additionally, 28% cite better physical well-being as a motivator, while 10% see it as a means for weight loss or enhancing their appearance.

Social scenarios pose a significant barrier. Over half of those aiming for healthier eating find it challenging to decline when others around them opt for unhealthy choices. Stress also plays a pivotal role, with 46% admitting they find it tough to resist unhealthy food during tense periods.

For those grappling with severe obesity, the aspiration to eat healthier is even more pronounced. A substantial 54% of them express the desire to adopt healthier eating habits, citing stress moments and being alone at home as particular obstacles.


Source: CBS