Portioning and packing meat in one go
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Portioning and packing meat in one go

  • 06 October 2020

Are you looking for an experienced partner who can offer you a complete line of fresh meat solutions in terms of conditioning, portioning, pickling, weight control and packaging? 

The TVI portioning technology integrates seamlessly with MULTIVAC's automated packaging solutions. With this combination we increase your quality, capacity, efficiency, accuracy and flexibility with minimal giveaway.  

The advantages of the TVI and MULTIVAC combination

  • Condition with cyclefreeze for the perfect product temperature which benefits the cut, looks, less give away and longer shelflife. 
  • Portioning with possibilities for stepwise or single portioning of products with and without bone.
  • Dispensing with a choice of manual or automatic tray dispensing. 
  • Weight check/correction of filled trays. 
  • Packaging with MULTIVAC/TX; our best solution for packaging the trays.


Source: Multivac