Biologische Omzet Schiet Omhoog: +42% Groei
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Organic Sales Skyrocket: +42% in 2023

  • 17 January 2024

In 2023, the sales of organic products in the Netherlands witnessed a remarkable surge of 42% compared to the previous year, resulting in an impressive organic sales share of 3.8%, according to recent data from GfK on January 17. A closer look reveals that Dutch households are not only choosing organic products more frequently but are also purchasing them in larger quantities.

The most significant contribution to the organic sales surge comes from fresh organic products, including vegetables, fruits, dairy, and meat. These categories experienced a notable increase of 57%, accounting for a substantial 72% of the total organic sales. The trend indicates that consumers are increasingly opting for healthy, organic food choices.

Supermarkets Play a Crucial Role in Organic Growth: 75% of Total Revenue

Supermarkets play a pivotal role in the rise of organic products, claiming a 75% share of the total organic revenue. The expanding assortment of organic products strategically offered by prominent supermarket chains significantly contributes to this positive trend. Albert Heijn, boasting the largest organic assortment of 1900 products, and other supermarkets demonstrate their commitment to the growth of organics. Demissionary Minister of Agriculture, Nature, and Food Quality, Piet Adema, acknowledges the significance of this development and inaugurates the Bio Fair today at the Brabanthallen in Den Bosch.

The upward trend in organic consumption is encouraging, but there is still work to be done to achieve the government's ambition of 15% organic farming by 2030. Bionext, the sector organization for organics, emphasizes the need for commitment throughout the entire chain to realize this ambition. Despite positive developments, consumers express a desire for an expansion of organic offerings in supermarkets, with breaking down knowledge barriers playing a crucial role in increasing organic consumption.

Source: Bionext