Italië reguleert insectenmeel voor humane consumptie
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Italy Regulates Insect Flour for Human Consumption

  • 16 January 2024

Italy has a clear message for consumers: know what you eat! On December 29, 2023, four regulations were published in the Italian Official Gazette, aiming to regulate the sale of products based on insect flour for human consumption. How will this impact the eating habits of Italians?

The ministerial decrees serve as an informative framework for Italian consumers. In line with EU authorizations, the regulations compel producers to adhere to strict rules to enhance transparency. The packaging of food products containing insect flour must provide clear information on the type of insect, the quantities of insect flour used, the origin of the insects, and potential allergy risks.

Products can only be offered in designated sections of supermarkets, accompanied by explicit information signs. The decrees also include sanctions for violations.

Italian Initiatives

Joint research from Coldiretti and Ixè reveals that 54% of Italians are hesitant about having 'insects on the dinner table,' while 24% are indifferent, and 16% see it as a positive development.

Several Italian companies, often startups such as Fucibo, Alia Insect Farm, Small Giants, and Italian Cricket Farm, incorporate insect flour as an ingredient in food products for human consumption. Particularly, the latter company is considering expanding production capacities and exploring collaboration opportunities with Dutch investors.

Source: Agroberichten buitenland