Opportunities China's alternative protein sector
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Opportunities China's alternative protein sector

  • 11 September 2023

Researchers value China's market for plant-based, protein-rich foods at €10.7 billion, witnessing an annual growth rate of 14.1% from 2019 to 2023. This presents a golden opportunity for Dutch companies.

Several factors contribute to this robust market growth in China, including shifts towards healthier eating habits and increased awareness about well-being; sustainable developments in the agricultural sector and concerns regarding food safety. An essential element here is the target audience: a significant portion of young, predominantly female Chinese consumers are keen to experiment with innovative plant-based protein-rich foods. They predominantly shop via both online and offline channels. These insights are from a study on China's alternative protein market, commissioned by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency and the Dutch Embassy in 2023.

Tough competition

The market for plant-based beverages faces stiff competition. As a result, the study primarily focused on opportunities in meat alternatives and plant-based versions of yoghurt, snacks, and functional foods. To make their mark in China, Dutch enterprises should emphasise on high-quality products with a rich plant protein content. Key selling points should revolve around both functionality and flavour. Additionally, there's a promising market in China for protein-rich dietary supplements.

Technology and machinery

Researchers also foresee potential for Dutch firms offering technologies, machinery, and innovative strategies to Chinese manufacturers producing high plant-protein products. For a comprehensive insight into the opportunities in China's alternative protein sector, the full market report is available through the Netherlands Enterprise Agency website.


Photo: ©saiko3p/Depositphotos.com

Source: RVO