Online edition october 2022: Smart Food Manufacturing
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Online edition october 2022: Smart Food Manufacturing

  • 17 October 2022

How do you make your Food Factory 'smart'? We asked machine builders and the software suppliers: what are your innovation(s) and novelties and what can the food processing industry do with them? 

'Innovate or drown'

Digitalisation and robotisation are bitterly necessary for food manufacturers to keep their heads above water. However, technical innovation cannot happen without the power of the people in your company. How do you keep them connected in this transition? We talk about it with Arry Verhage and Barbara van der Woerd of the Food Industry Training Fund Foundation (SOL).

Every day, some 150 delivery points plus its own 23 shops are supplied from Bakery Voncken's production site in Kerkrade with fresh bread, flans and chocolate products, among other things. A huge logistics operation, which will soon become easier with new premises - built by LTI.

Big data: food safety to higher level: New and powerful algorithms and bioinformatics tools enable the development of models that make it much easier to predict outbreaks of food-borne diseases. Yet the adoption and application of whole genome sequencing has been relatively slow and fragmented. Why is that?

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