OneGrain® mineral salt wins MFC Innovation Trophy
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OneGrain® mineral salt wins MFC Innovation Trophy

  • 10 June 2014

AkzoNobel was announced as winner of the MFC Innovation Trophy for the meat category with its OneGrain® mineral salt on 22 May during the inaugural MFC Event in Rosmalen, The Netherlands. Having been prepared using the mineral salt, the products submitted contained 33% less sodium. They received praise for the high culinary quality and clear structure. “All the elements worked. The products had an optimal taste, a clear structure and a high culinary quality,” states head judge and quality inspector Paul van Trigt. The inspectors did not make any allowances for the fact that the products contained 33% less sodium than regular versions. “As far as we’re concerned, even products with less salt must meet the highest standards,” says Van Trigt. Tom van Zeeburg, sales manager at AkzoNobel, is proud that the products containing the OneGrain® mineral salt won. “Table salt can be replaced by OneGrain® in a ratio of one to one without any impact on taste, consistency, shelf life or culinary quality.”

Source: MFC