Verhey Vlees Project
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Verhey Vlees Project

  • 10 June 2014

Alec Barfüss works at Hörmann as account manager for South-East Netherlands. For one of his customers, Verhey Vlees BV in Nuth, Hörmann has replaced sectional doors (SPU40, and SPUF42 in RAL 9016 with one glazing element), automatic high-speed doors for the food industry (V2515SEL) and dock shelters. Verhey Vlees specialises in the expert processing of cattle from dairy farms. The cattle carcasses are carefully processed, packaged and labelled in line with client specifications.

“The new high-speed doors have special light grids built into the guide tracks. This eliminates the need for spiral cables, which tended to break. The door opens automatically, which is more practical as well as being safer. For the customer, it also means less maintenance.

The food version is made of stainless steel in full compliance with the IP65 norm. These doors must be able to withstand high-pressure washing, steam and cleaning agents that are used within the food industry.

The shelters were replaced because, quite simply, they were worn out after 15 years of usage. The seals were no longer effective, and seals are important for a meat processor because gaps could allow insects to crawl or fly through.

A new hydraulic scissor lift table has also been installed, primarily for health & safety reasons. This is just one of the ways in which company directors at Verhey are ensuring that employees can work with the carcasses safely and ergonomically. Furthermore, we have replaced a number of normal doors which no longer met user requirements and HACCP criteria because of damage and general wear and tear.

Verhey Vlees in Nuth focuses on quality and reliability, not only in terms of their own products but also their production facility. The factory has been significantly modernised over the years and since 2012 we have renewed various products for them. Doors and dock shelters have been replaced as necessary. Every time that they looked at revamping another part of the building, our service, quality and price convinced them to choose us. They have since become a loyal customer. The facility has a modern, neat and tidy appearance, so they’re now all set to face the future for many years to come.”

Source: Hörmann