New series Certuss steam generators
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New series Certuss steam generators

  • 24 November 2015

Certuss steam generators are used worldwide, including in the production of food and medicines, in the manufacturing industry and in industrial laundry facilities. At the recent BrauBeviale trade show in Nuremberg, Germany, Certuss launched its new series of steam generators, Junior TC. This series of steam boilers is available in steam capacities ranging from 80 to 400kg. Just as with the Universal series, which was launched successfully 2 years ago for the 500-2,000kg steam range, this modern machine is easy to operate via a touchscreen. Certuss sets itself apart through quality, ease of use, high yield and low emissions. Utrecht-based Scharff Techniek BV has been representing Certuss in the Netherlands in terms of service and maintenance for the past 32 years.

Source: © Scharff Techniek