Moving towards a low-plastic world
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Moving towards a low-plastic world

  • 12 January 2021

As a pioneer in the packaging industry, MULTIVAC has been working for years to offer its customers alternative plastic-saving packaging options. There are plenty of opportunities to meet all plastic saving and recycling requirements without compromising the shelf life of fresh produce and still stand out in the supermarket shelves! 

Take, for example, the wraps of Santa Maria. At first they were always in fairly thick plastic, now the topseal has been replaced by paper. Still looks very attractive. Santa Maria is the "Coca Cola" among the wraps, so it's good that they show that they can do it.

Director Tim Hage: 'The image of plastic is bad, because people soon see the image of the "plastic soup" in the oceans in front of them. That's also a big problem, but on the other hand, plastic enables us to create shelf life, allowing our customers to distribute over long distances and preventing loss. A third of our food is still thrown away worldwide. Foods that at one point we decided not to pack any more, such as cucumbers, spoiled much faster and could be thrown away. Our main concern is to offer promising packaging alternatives and to increase recyclability'.

Source: Multivac