LIFE College in Finale mbo-Challenge Food waste
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LIFE College in Finale mbo-Challenge Food waste

  • 27 January 2020

A group of 9 students of the mbo-education Food & Technology of the Lentiz | LIFE College has been selected for the finals of the "mbo-Challenge", a national competition on the theme "Food waste". The students came up with a number of ideas for the tomato company Duijvestijn Tomaten to process overripe or damaged tomatoes with innovative techniques into tapas rolls, tomato powder, pancakes, smoothies, cider and ice creams. The students' innovative idea has been selected for the finals of the mbo-challenge, which will take place on 30 January in the Verspillingsfabriek in Veghel. 


In the mbo-challenge, mbo students work in an entrepreneurial way with existing food waste issues from society and the business community. The underlying aim of the challenge is to create awareness among students about the theme of food waste. Internationally, preventing food waste is high on the agenda. By 2030, global food waste must be reduced by half. This goal is part of the "Sustainable Development Goals" of the United Nations (UN). The mbo-challenge does not stand alone. Leading companies from the Food & Agriculture sector are working on it, allowing students to network with people from the business world. Partner in the project of the students of LIFE College is also Stichting Voedselsurplus. A total of 24 challenges have been submitted, of which 6 have been selected for the finals.

Food & Technology

In the MBO Food & Technology course at LIFE College students learn all about the development of food and its production process. The programme is part of the Food Innovation Academy: a collaboration between Lentiz LIFE College, Inholland University of Applied Sciences and companies in the food industry. Courses are offered for young people, but also for adults already working in the food industry. Interested parties can get more information about the courses during the Open Days, which take place on 30 January (16:00-20:00) and 1 February (10:00-13:00) at the Lentiz LIFE College at Parallelweg 401 in Schiedam.  

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