KIDV launches PackForward, for sustainable packaging
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KIDV launches PackForward, for sustainable packaging

  • 23 September 2020

The Knowledge Institute for Sustainable Packaging (KIDV) launched PackForward, a European knowledge base for sustainable packaging, on Thursday 17 September. The new platform connects international parties in the field of sustainable packaging in order to help various stakeholders in the European packaging chain to further increase the sustainability of packaging. PackForward was made known worldwide during a major online event organised by the KIDV, which was followed by more than five hundred packaging professionals from more than forty countries around the world.

"In recent years, the KIDV has established a solid knowledge base among all the initiatives taken by industry and government to make the packaging chain more sustainable. Knowledge organizations in various countries are working on this, usually at national level. What we want to achieve with sustainable packaging requires international knowledge sharing and cooperation. We bring this together in PackForward," says KIDV director Chris Bruijnes. In addition to the KIDV, Grønt Punkt Norge from Norway and the Belgian Valipac and Fost Plus are also part of this network.

PackForward's website provides an overview of important themes that influence the sustainability of packaging: from the design and production of product-packaging combinations to the disposal of packaging and the processing of packaging waste into new raw materials. The network page also provides a growing overview of European research institutes and other important network organizations, their specialties, publications and ongoing projects. PackForward's partners can also share projects here, so that the activities in the field of sustainable packaging become visible internationally. Other partners can join PackForward. The platform explicitly encourages new collaborations to solve packaging dilemmas together.

Source: KIDV