IoT in the food industry
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IoT in the food industry

  • 26 October 2020

"Reducing downtime and preventing unexpected service interventions are high on the list of priorities of food manufacturers", says Dr. Marcus Korthäuer, CEO and owner of ESPERA in an interview about IoT in the food industry. "New functions on our packaging machines ensure that processes are sustainably optimised and production efficiency is improved".

Dr. Marcus Korthäuer, CEO and owner of ESPERA

What is the impact of packaging trends on the labelling process of meat products?

"Low plastic and fully absorbable packaging materials are changing the packaging market; for example, skin packaging. These materials present a major challenge for labelling because they are irregularly shaped. Moreover, no two products are the same. Digital technologies make it possible to place the label in the correct position of the packaging at all times, at a speed of up to 150 packs p/minute. ESPERA's 3D Cam, which automatically detects the perfect label position, is a good example of this technology". 

Can you give another example of ESPERA's digital technologies?

"With new sensor technologies, we make the thermal print head transparent and visible to the operator. The operator can actively influence the thermal strip via the integrated auxiliary system. He or she can check the print quality, adjust it and extend its service life. Unplanned malfunctions and unreadable labels are thus avoided. Increasing efficiency and optimising processes is possible in any company thanks to the use of these digital technologies". |

Source: Espera