Government sets aside 60 million euros for cultured meat and dairy
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Government sets aside 60 million euros for cultured meat and dairy

  • 19 April 2022

The Dutch government has announced that it will reserve 60 million euros for education, research and upscaling in the field of cultured meat and dairy (cellular agriculture). The aim is to further develop the Dutch cultured meat sector and to facilitate, accelerate and commercialise the transition from traditional animal agriculture to cultured meat. The proposers envisage the plans making the Netherlands the international front runner, with a favourable business climate, a high earning capacity and fewer harmful emissions. 

The proposal consists of five work streams: an education programme, a research programme, upscaling facilities, transition stimulation and valorisation. The proposal was submitted by the Ministry of LNV on behalf of a collaboration of twelve organisations and companies, united in the CAN foundation. In the first phase, preparations will be made for building the ecosystem, which will then be further developed in the second phase. Finally, in the third phase, work will be done on scale-out and internationalisation.

The sector and the technology which this proposal focuses on are still in development but have potential. The emergence of cultured meat and dairy products are important for the food transition. The Committee is positive about the subject, the powerful innovation it expresses and the starting position of the Netherlands.

Source: Nationaal Groeifonds