Fooditive wants Novel Food permit for sweetener
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Fooditive wants Novel Food permit for sweetener

  • 15 April 2022

Fooditive, a pioneer in the development of vegetable ingredients, is preparing for a gamechanger in the industry: a Novel Food permit from the Europian Food Safety Authority (EFSA) for its sweetener. The Dutch company has grown from a concept to a business, and is making great strides. Based on the belief that sustainability is more than a trend, Fooditive delivers innovative and natural ingredients to producers of food and beverages. 

Unique process

The company's unique process enables it to develop a remarkable sweetener, made from residual apple and pear streams. The production process has been improved and scaled up from batch to continuous fermentation to meet the high demand of the food industry by producing up to 30,000 kilos of sweetener per week. To do this, 83,000 kilos of apples and pears are upcycled, a raw material considered a waste stream by juice producers - or simply "the ugly fruit". 

Sweetener - Fooditive's first innovative breakthrough - led to a plant-based alternative to sugar. By entering into a successful cooperation with a production partner in the Netherlands, the company hopes to take a groundbreaking step and put the sweetener on the market. 


Fooditive already offers the sweetener for research and development purposes to players in the food industry to determine in which applications their sweetener performs best. After three years of learning, developing and receiving support from the food industry, the company is going to offer the sweetener as 5-D-Keto-Fructose at EFSA's Novel Food certification. 

The Fooditive team is aware of the challenge ahead, but knows that the goal, EFSA approval for a unique ingredient, brings many benefits. Investors, venture capitals, food lawyers and consultants are invited to join the company's journey to bring this game-changer to market.

Source: Fooditive