BOXO: Van Big Bags naar Duurzame Verzendverpakkingen
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From Big Bags to Sustainable Packaging

  • 12 October 2023

Forget the huge piles of cardboard waste from e-commerce orders. The innovative start-up BOXO from Leeuwarden presents a circular solution: reusable shipping packages, crafted from discarded big bags of dairy producer FrieslandCampina.

Okke de Jonge, the young founder of BOXO, embarked on this journey during his studies at NHL Stenden. He grew tired of seeing overflowing paper bins everywhere and decided to tackle the growing waste problem in e-commerce. But De Jonge's vision goes beyond just the environment. With a focus on quality and reusability, he also sees opportunities to create local jobs for people with employment limitations. Repetitive tasks like cleaning and repair could offer this group a foothold in the job market.

From Big Bag to BOXO-bag

What sets BOXO's approach apart? It all starts with the big bags from FrieslandCampina. These bags, due to strict food safety regulations, could only be used once and were previously destined for waste piles. Now, they find a new purpose. After use, these big bags are sent to Caparis in Leeuwarden, where they are dismantled and cleaned. Caparis, as a circular talent and employment company, views the partnership with BOXO as a step towards a more sustainable society.

Subsequently, the packaging is manufactured by the social enterprise Kussens Op Maat from Kollum. Owner Harry Hietkamp considers it an honor to be a part of this circular chain, collaborating with local partners on this innovative product.

Reusability as the New Normal

With the European Packaging Directive mandating that by 2030 at least 10% of e-commerce packaging should be reusable, BOXO's mission is clear. They aim to shift the Netherlands to using reusable shipping packaging. Given that BOXO-bags can be reused up to 500 times, a more sustainable future for e-commerce seems to be within reach.

Source: BOXO