Voedselproducenten ontdekken de CHIPS lifestyle-trend: Een diepgaande analyse
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Food producers tap into the CHIPS lifestyle trend

  • 18 January 2024

The FSIN FoodShopper Monitor 2024 focuses on the CHIPS lifestyle model, an acronym representing convenience, health, indulgence, price, and sustainability. These five themes characterize the lifestyle, particularly of the Convenience Generations (Generation Z and Millennials), and understanding them is crucial for food producers.

The CHIPS lifestyle model reveals a significantly different approach to food and drink by the Convenience Generations compared to older generations. For them, nutrition is more than a functional need; it serves as a means of relaxation, a way to escape the hustle and bustle of modern life.

Convenience and pleasure as guiding factors

Convenience is a driving force in purchasing decisions, but the ultimate goal is enjoyment. Food and drinks serve as an emotional reward and a way to de-stress for the Convenience Generations. This lifestyle constitutes a significant portion of their budget, even in financially challenging times.

CHIPS Lifestyle in Detail

Convenience: Time constraints and stress lead to a growing need for time-saving solutions and an increasing role for convenience in the daily lives of the Convenience Generations.
Health: Healthy eating is important, but a moralizing tone is rejected; health should go hand in hand with convenience and pleasure.
Indulgence: Striking a balance between discipline and enjoyment results in hybrid behavior around (un)healthy eating.
Price: Despite a preference for dining out, the Convenience Generations often find it too expensive, making price a crucial factor.
Sustainability: While aware of the environmental impact, this does not always translate into concrete choices, making sustainable consumption challenging.

Future developments and challenges

By 2030, the question arises as to which channels and concepts will fulfill the needs of the Convenience Generations. Both food retail and foodservice offer possibilities for direct consumption, and the one that best aligns with their lifestyle will have the greatest growth opportunities. For companies, it is essential to create affordable out-of-home enjoyment moments and convenience solutions that satisfy the emotional hunger of these generations for pleasure and reward.


Source: FSIN