Few additions at Chateau Briand Soest
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Few additions at Chateau Briand Soest

  • 04 February 2019
  • Door: Dick Leseman

A young business, yet with many years of experiences, is pushing forward. Chateau Briand Soest makes no concessions when it comes to quality. Their sausages and meatballs are traditionally pure and delicious products.

Chateau Briand Soest was launched in 2018. Despite its young existence, it can boast on decades of experience. 23 years ago, Wim Voskuilen and his brother had a meat products business on the same premises. "We had a leading company producing smoked sausages, meatballs, and horse-meat sausages", reflects Wim Voskuilen. "My brother decided to sell the company seven years ago." The following years, Wim kept on working in the meat processing industry, until last year. In 2018, owner Sjan van Ettekoven approached Wim again to see if he would be willing to prepare his familiar meatballs and smoked sausages at his former premises. Wim completely stripped the building and refitted it with, in part, the familiar equipment he always used, especially the smoking cabinets, and also added hyper-modern production lines.

Meat like it used to taste

At Chateau Briand Soest, taste and quality come first. They prepare their smoked sausages, grilled sausages, meatballs, and tasty snacks in an artisanal way. With an obvious passion and according to the old and tested recipes with pure ingredients. "I don't make smoked sausages that can be kept for three months", says Wim. "A cutlet, these days, contains so many additives that it tastes like nothing. We produce meat like it used to taste, without lactates and acids, deliciously fresh. And you can taste that." Partner Wolter Snijder adds: "Knowing the provenance of the meat, ensuring animal- and eco-friendly production, resulting in honest and freshly prepared products with hardly any additives. Everyone wants them, but only few people can make them". They don't keep a large stock. Chateau Briand's motto is 'order now is producing now'.

The 'Kloeke Kip'

A great example of what Wolter Snijder means is the collaboration with the chicken company of the Kuijpers family in Venlo. "They are the farmers, we are the butchers. That is the entire chain", he emphasises. "They are currently building a whole new company in Horst, which has a unique concept. The chicks are hatched in the stable. They are reared in the stable and are slaughtered in the stable. The living animals are not transported anywhere and, in addition to this being more environmentally friendly, it also results in less stress for the animals. They guarantee not to use any antibiotics." This collaboration is formed under the name De Kloeke Kip. "Chateau Briand is the supplier, but the brand name is De Kloeke Kip", explains Wim. It is also important to note that De Kloeke Kip processes the entire animal and not just the most demanded chicken filet. "Thanks to this carcase balancing, we no longer have residual flows to Africa or import from India. We no longer need to ship meat to or from anywhere else", says Wolter Snijder.

Safeguarding food safety

January saw the merger of the company of Wolter Snijder and Chateau Briand. "My company in Wolvega manufactured all kinds of chicken products. Thanks to the growth we saw over the past year and the expected growth in the future, we decided to consolidate all activities of both companies here in Soest. Now we can ensure food safety and produce efficiently while guaranteeing the excellent quality, in high volumes and in new product groups. The collaboration was not a necessity but a well-considered strategy. "Quality always wins, but may need a bit more time", explains Wim. "This is what the future of the meat industry will look like: beautiful products with consideration for the environment and animal welfare while also safeguarding food safety. And for this, we look for partners, not for suppliers or buyers. Partners who think just like we do. Like Wolter with his Kloeke Kip. And like Simpel Desinfecteren, the company with a unique disinfectant method for the production areas. They provide input and support us when it comes to safeguarding food safety.

Low infection level

Wim is convinced about the application of the Nocotech system for the food industry. "When using a regular disinfectant, you always have to rinse the cleaned areas and objects. Nocotech by Simpel Desinfecteren produces a dry vapour. This vapour fills the entire closed off space and enters the smallest nooks and crannies of the machines and even the ventilation system. Rinsing afterwards is no longer necessary. We regularly test the space on the presence of bacteria. Ever since we started to use the Nocotech system in addition to the regular cleaning, the total germ count is always zero. Even on the floor, at the drain, we measure zero." According to Wim Voskuilen, the infection pressure with Nocotech remains exceptionally low. When it comes to food safety, the gentlemen of Chateau Briand Soest are adamant: "Food safety is not to be found in the additives you use, but in the environment you create."


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