QR codes breaking through in food sector
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QR codes breaking through in food sector

  • 01 February 2019

Paying via a QR code in the store, is still not very common in the Netherlands. In Belgium, however, QR code payments are already regularly used. This year the QR code will also break through in the Netherlands, according to the NOS.

Research by ABN AMRO and market researcher GfK in 2018 shows that 46 percent of Dutch consumers sometimes use QR codes. QR codes on fruit, vegetable or meat packaging can provide consumers with the much-needed information about origin, cultivation methods and production conditions. There is often no room for this on the packaging itself.

Nowadays every new smartphone has an option to scan a QR-code, this already occurs with a new iPhone when you aim the camera at a QR-code. The use of the QR code is an important step in making our food system more transparent, which is what today's consumers need.

Source: © NOS/ABN AMRO