European opposition to Nutri-Score
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European opposition to Nutri-Score

  • 24 September 2020

The European Ministers of Agriculture sat together on Monday 21 September 2020 to discuss a plan for the import of Nutri-Score across Europe. Such a uniform nutrition label should be in place by the end of 2022 as part of the European From Farm to Fork strategy, which focuses on healthy and sustainable nutrition. The proposal is to extend Nutri-Score, which is already being used in several European countries, to the entire EU.

Opposition to Nutri-Score

Seven European countries - Italy, Greece, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Hungary and Lithuania - oppose it. They believe there is already enough information on products to allow consumers to make a conscious choice. It is no coincidence that olive oil - produced in Italy, Greece and Cyprus - scores worse than many other products in the Nutri-Score. Consumers' associations criticise the attitude of the seven countries: they emphasize that Nutri-Score is in the interest of consumers.

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