Edible coatings for fruit to reduce wastage
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Edible coatings for fruit to reduce wastage

  • 30 August 2021

An enormous amount of food is thrown away every year. About a third of this amount is food that has gone off or was damaged during transport. A new coating technology from Liquidseal keeps fruit and vegetables fresh for up to twice as long. In this way, the company is helping to avoid food waste and reduce packaging waste.

High-quality polyvinyl alcohols (PVOH) from Kuraray, a speciality chemicals producer, play a key role in this. Using the portfolio of high quality PVOH polymers from Kuraray, Liquidseal can optimize its formulations carefully for established processes and adhesion to different types of peel. In addition, Kuraray is supporting the coating experts in registration processes and helping Liquidseal gain access to new areas of application. Liquidseal is currently working on a new edible coating for plums, apples and peaches based on a new PVOH grade: Kuraray Poval™ 5-88 FA.


Source: Liquidseal