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Dutch government wants to scrap plastic tax

  • 19 October 2023

If you've ever grumbled while paying that extra charge for your 'to-go' coffee cup, you're not alone. The controversial 'plastic tax', introduced to reduce single-use plastic consumption, has raised quite a few eyebrows - among both entrepreneurs and consumers alike.

It's evident the Dutch Parliament has tuned into these grievances: a majority now supports the Socialist Party's (SP) proposal to scrap this tax as soon as possible. Ironically, the measure intended to reduce environmental pollution hasn't prevented people from discarding their packaging. And the reason? The 'plastic tax' applies to items like the paper coffee cup with a plastic lining that you grab on the go.

The concept was straightforward: Business owners could continue selling plastic cups and packaging but had to add an extra charge. How much? They got to decide that. Moreover, they were expected to offer customers a reusable alternative or allow them to bring their own.

A Nightmare Unfolds

However, what sounded like an eco-friendly approach has turned into a nightmare for many business owners. This legislation has confronted them with challenges, including the high costs of reusable packaging and logistical issues. On top of that, many believe the rules are ambiguous, a sentiment even echoed by the Dutch Environment and Transport Inspection agency.

Now that the Dutch Parliament has clearly backed the SP's proposal, the ball is in the government's court. While they might disregard a motion, the message is lucid: The 'Single Use Plastic' legislation needs a review. What will their next move be?

Source: Koninklijke Horeca Nederland