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Digitale gerechten

  • 13 May 2014

Food is part of everyday life at Lukkien – and not just at lunchtime! In fact, at multimedia specialist Lukkien they work with food on a daily basis. What’s the link between a creative production company and food? Read on to find out!

The food processing industry is not only huge, but it’s actually the largest sector in The Netherlands. Many of the resulting food products have to be photographed or filmed for a range of marketing purposes. Sometimes the product itself plays the lead role and other times it is just a prop in a scene, but the food on set always has to look appealing – whether in a video, in a photo, in an app or on a website. And that is precisely Lukkien’s ‘house specialty’.

Creativity and technology

Lukkien is a cross-media production company where creativity and  technology go hand in hand. The activities revolve around effectively  combining and integrating different types of media to enable brands to  thrive and to bring ideas to life. Every day, over 170 employees work in  inspirational surroundings (comprising an impressive 20,000m2) on a  wide range of media productions.

From photo shoots and  TV commercials to interactive web design, 3D images and app development  – nothing is unthinkable in Ede, where all the disciplines and  facilities are located under one roof. That roof also provides shelter  to Lukkien’s enormous studios which are ideal for all manner of  occasions. Special events, prestigious product launches or spectacular  television shows are all possible – and more!


In a sense, Lukkien can be compared to an extensive buffet of (digital) ingredients allowing you to select whichever dishes you prefer: a TV commercial as the main course, for example, with a side dish of photos for your advertisements. Of course, the photography is done during filming using the same fully fitted in-house kitchen as the backdrop, including perfect lighting conditions. Those photos can then also be used on your website, or perhaps in a recipe app – Lukkien makes those too. A wide choice of digital ingredients which complement each other’s flavours. And all available from the same buffet restaurant, called Lukkien! Interested? Contact Melle Lukkien ([email protected]).

Source: Lukkien