Consumption of fruit and vegetables stagnates
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Consumption of fruit and vegetables stagnates

  • 16 September 2019

Since the low VAT rate was raised at the beginning of this year, the consumption of fruit and vegetables has stagnated. Supermarkets sold 2% less fresh fruit and only 1% more fresh vegetables. Approximately 18% of consumers say they buy less fruit and 14% less vegetables as a result of the VAT increase. This mainly applies to the lower income group. This is shown by market figures from research bureau IRI and from additional consumer research commissioned by GroentenFruit Huis. The figures were announced on Thursday 12 September during the launch of the campaign 'Healthy Shopping for All'. Various social organisations (including the Heart Foundation and the Diabetes Fund), interest groups and knowledge institutions want to encourage consumers to eat healthier food and are calling on the government to reverse the VAT increase on fruit and vegetables or to take other measures.

Healthy messages

The organisations are calling on politicians to take healthy food seriously now. That is why the website was presented to members of parliament in The Hague. This information site provides insight into consumption figures, purchase figures and consumers' perception of prices. Richard Schouten, Director of the Fruit and Vegetable House: "We advocate a change in government policy towards a lower VAT rate on fruit and vegetables and other measures that contribute to a higher consumption of fruit and vegetables.

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Source: © GroentenFruit Huis